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Whether you're a complete beginner or you're more advanced and looking to improve your playing, Riff Rooms drum tuition services are perfect for you and as a bonus we offer lessons at only £25 per hour.

Our drum tuition is provided by Mike Furgusson. For more information call 07982 179 018.

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Drum Tuition

Our drum tuition is provided by Mike Furgusson. For information please call 07982 179 018


Mike Furgusson is a session drummer / drum tutor with over a decades experience playing both live and in the studio, as well as over 5 years experience teaching drums to students of all ages.

He has played across the country with many artists, and currently plays for former Factory Records artist "Khaliq", Brummie Hip-Hop guru Synikall and the soulful Sophia Lee Soul . He has also participated in two Guinness Book of World Records events for the "Largest Drum Set Ensemble" under the name "Stick It To MS".

He is versatile in many styles including: Pop, Rock, Metal, Funk, Blues, Jazz and Theatre / Orchestral Pit music.

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To book or for more information, call 07982 179 018.