Recording Studio In Wolverhampton

It doesn’t matter if you want a single, an EP, or a full album! Whatever you are looking for, Riff Rooms aim to offer a professional and unique recording experience in Wolverhampton.

The Live Rooms

Our recording and rehearsal facility can function as 3 complete and distinct live rooms, each with their own character and sonic personality. This gives you a lot of acoustic options:

The Mercury Room

With brick on two perpendicular walls, this space will give your recording a lively and bright sound. This is great for drums or where you just want a little more from the room.

The Lennon Room

A single hard wall and three other soft walls gives a very focused and tight slap-back sound.

The Bowie Room

A unique combination of hard and soft that gets some great drum sounds and some awesome reflection options. This room also hosts our purpose built anechoic vocal booth for maximum control over the sound of your vocals.

The Control Room

We benefit from a custom desk working around our Presonus console. Fusing analogue workflows and digital technology gives us amazing flexibility in crafting and controlling your sound so that your recording is exactly as you want it.


We have a large selection of quality gear to add a touch of class to your recordings ranging from amplifiers for guitar and bass. Drum kits and a selection of snares and also a bunch of other things lying around that make sounds in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.

Add all that to our selection of high quality microphones and we get the ability to make quality recordings of a wide array of sounds, tones and effects.

Pre-Production Sessions

We also offer pre-production sessions to accompany our recording services. This is where our engineers and your band members get together, listen in on any tracks you wish to record and make suggestions and tweaks to get your track sounding as good as it can during the recording process. While an additional expense, pre-production is a valuable tool to ensure your recording goes smoothly and sounds as good as it can.


Our recording services are £20 per hour or £150 if booked in 8 hour – full day blocks.